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Michael Jarvis

A native Californian, I received my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California at Davis in 1996. With nearly 2 decades of experience in herpesvirus biology and the use of state-of-the-art bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) technology, I am regarded as a leading expert in the construction and characterization of recombinant herpesviral vectors for prophylactic and therapeutic vaccination against infectious disease and cancer. I moved to the University of Plymouth in Spring of 2012, where I am an Associate Professor in Virology & Immunology. I find the innovative aspects of science particularly exciting, and development of imaginative strategies for the use of these vectors underpins my research. The recent launching of a spin-out company centered on this technology has enabled an additional focus on commercial development of a number of these exciting projects. I enjoy the collaborative nature of science, highlighting my belief that we benefit most from inclusive science by researchers at times separated by geography, but united by interest, desire and diversity of expertise. With my Sister also being a virologist, you could say virology is in my genes.


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Aisling Murphy, Ph.D  researchgate icon In-2C-128px-TM

Chantelle Norton, Ph.D

Michele Kiernan, Ph.D

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Thekla Mauch

Chloe Wiltshire


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Hujaz Alqiribi  researchgate icon

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Shirin Hama Salih  researchgate icon



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